Bộ dao bếp Victorinox Grand Maître Cutlery Block

Mã sản phẩm: 7.7243.6

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Key features

  • Safe, elegant storage solution
  • Optimal, versatile 6-piece combination
  • Perfectly balanced forged knives
Item number7.7243.6
Size376 x 225 x 120 mm
Weight3200 g

6-Piece Block of Forged Knives

Exceptional quality and timeless elegance are two defining features of the Grand Maître series of forged knives from Victorinox. For which every piece seamlessly transitions from blade to handle with just a subtle thickening of the steel to act as a separating bolster at the point where the two meet. The bolster also prevents your hand from slipping between the handle and the blade.
As part of this series, the five knives in the Grand Maître Cutlery Block all share these same core qualities. Comprised of a kitchen knife, steak knife, carving knife, Santoku knife and chef’s knife, this set also includes multipurpose kitchen shears, resulting in a block that fulfills the needs of all but the most specialized kitchen jobs.


  • Kitchen Knife, 8 cm
  • Steak Knife, 12 cm
  • Carving Knife, 15 cm
  • Santoku Knife, fluted edge, 17 cm
  • Chef’s Knife, 20 cm
  • Multipurpose Kitchen Shears

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