Dao cắt phô mai Victorinox Fibrox Butter & Cheese

Mã sản phẩm: 7.6083.13
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Among the modern models of knives there are a variety of models. Many of them far removed from the classic appearance of such products. The fact that the producers are trying to experiment and offer their potential customers modern solutions that will prove more practical in certain situations. Model Victorinox Fibrox Butter and Cream Cheese surprises one by its appearance. Is quite wide the blade is 130mm long, has 4 holes evenly. Thus, the knife is as easy to use to cut cheese, sweets and many more. In situations where the cutting of certain dishes, he will be simply indispensable.


Divide into portions ready meats model Victorinox Fibrox Butter and Cream Cheese would also be a good solution. In this process the products with the help of such a device is likely to be difficult. Chop the vegetables only hard work, the strength of the blade gives the opportunity to work with such products. Nonetheless it is best to keep in your house this model in order to divide into portions ready meals. In this case, the device will be more effective. As for the features of the model are the following:

  • Original blade shape with holes;
  • Comfortable grip without slipping.
  • Great balance between the two components of a knife;
  • Is sitting Quite comfortably in the hand during operation.

Worth noting that Victorinox Fibrox Butter and Cream Cheese still not putting a strain on the wrist. The fact that it itself is very light and given the fact that the blade easier, the manufacturer has done everything possible to reduce the weight of the arm. It so happened that the fixture is perfectly balanced and, accordingly, will easily help you to cope with the cuts.

Main parameters and characteristics:
Brand: Victorinox
Model: Vx76083.13
Overall dimensions: blade length: 130mm
Knife type: awkward
Type of lock: none
Material of blade: high quality stainless steel
Handle material: polypropylene
Color: black
a household knife, Victorinox
cardboard branded packaging

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