Bao da Victorinox Leather Belt Pouch

Mã sản phẩm: 4.0505.L

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Belt Pouch with Belt Loop

You never know when your next adventure will kick off—that's why the Leather Belt Pouch for your Ranger Grip is the optimal companion. Every Victorinox belt pouch is built to face the toughest conditions with style. Combining an elegant design and a hook-and-loop fastener, it's the perfect accessory for everyday heroes.

Key features

  • Ideal to hold and protect your pocket knife
  • Belt pouch made of leather
  • With a belt loop and hook-and-loop fastener
Item number4.0505.L
Height35 mm
Length132 mm
Weight46 g


Height35 mm
Net weight46 g


scale materialother 
Blade lockableNo 
One hand bladeNo

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