Dao xếp đa năng Victorinox Nail Clip 582 65 mm

Mã sản phẩm: 0.6453

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Multifunctional Tool with Nail Clipper

You deserve to enjoy a multifunctional tool that's as sharp as your style. Just like every Victorinox pocket knife, the compact Nail Clip 582 will follow you anywhere, whether you're on the go or facing the shark tank at work. And thanks to its quick-release mechanism, it will keep your fingers just as protected as your nails clean.

Key features

  • The ideal nail care multi-tool for on the go!
  • Swiss made nail clip with 4 functions
  • Includes a nail clipper with tweezers and toothpick
Item number0.6453
Height15 mm
Length65 mm
Weight26 g


  1. toothpick
  2. tweezers
  3. nail clipper
  4. key ring


Height15 mm
Net weight26 g


scale materialABS / Cellidor 
Size65 mm
Blade lockableNo 
One hand bladeNo

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