Vali kéo Lexicon Dual-Caster Boarding Tote

Mã sản phẩm: 601185

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Smooth, Light, Dual-Caster Carry-On Tote

Just as you’d expect from the Lexicon 2.0 Collection, the Dual-Caster Boarding Tote is traveler-tested, durable and designed to be the ultimate in efficient packability. We believe that overnight trips should be as stress-free as they are short. That’s why we’ve created this compact carry-on piece to be highly mobile with light dual casters for swift, smooth traction and 360° maneuverability across any surface. And should you and your bag ever end up at different destinations, we’ve included it in our Swiss Bag Tracking Program for free so that you can be swiftly reunited.

Key features

  • Comfort-grip one-touch dual-trolley aluminum handle system
  • Dual-caster wheels for 360° maneuverability
  • Free Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking Program
Item number601185
Size24 x 37 x 44 cm
Capacity24 l
Weight3 kg


Height44 cm
Net weight3 kg


Luggage typeuprights 
Wheels8 wheels (4 double wheels) 
Outer materialnylon 
Capacity24 l
CollectionLexicon 2.0

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